Weekly Recap for Week of November 8

Indigenous Storytime

Weekly Recap for Week of November 8

This week was Veteran’s day week, so we honored some of our Indigenous veterans this week including Marcella Lebeau and Alexander Wakeman. We at Indigenous Storytime thank all of our veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice. 

Readings this week were:

Monday: Tamera – How Bear Woman Got Her Name as told by Ella Deloria
Tuesday: Jennifer – We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom/Illustrated by Michaela Goade
Wednesday: Jonita – Keep Going by Joseph Marshall III
Thursday: Elaine – How Butterflies Came To Be by Joseph Bruchac
Friday: Canceled due to unforeseen circumstances

Other contributions this week:

Great information was shared about voting rights for New Mexico natives. 

Tamera asked the Indigenous Storytime community for information on how to say “thank you” or “gratitude” in their indigenous language as part of her collaboration with mmhmm app

Speaking of gratitude, Tamera had a big shout out to our donors, Elisabetta Giomo-James and Amy Dahl Torres, for donating 15 books via the GoFundMe account. We are no longer using GoFundMe for donations,  but thanks to everyone who donated. 

Also Ken James graced us with Sid Byrd’s singing of the Marine Corps Hymn in Dakota. 

Thanks to Tatanka Means for sharing his partnership with Google Doodle honoring ballerina Maria Tallchief, a member of Osage Nation. 

We also had a funny meme shared by Benji Brave Hawk Sr regarding CNN’s mistake of referring to indigenous people as “something else”. 

Hanhepi Omani Miye shared a video with his knowledge of Lakota Hand Games. 

Jonita White Eyes shared some historical information on Code Talkers from WWI & WWII.